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Cole School PTO

The role of the PTO is to support the teachers and students of the Cole Elementary School.  Support shall be provided by (but not limited to) encouraging volunteerism, fund of teacher grants and stipends, funding cultural programs and field trips and otherwise enriching the elementary school experience.


All parents and guardians of students attending the Cole School will be considered members of the Cole School PTO. All part-time and full-time teachers will be considered members as well.

Steering Committee
The governing body of the Cole School PTO, known as the Steering Committee, will include up to 12 members (one of whom will be Treasurer).  All members will participate in a Steering Committee meeting prior to general PTO meetings.  Each Steering Committee member will have the opportunity to lead one or more monthly general PTO meetings during the school year.

Each member of the Steering Committee will chair or co-chair one of five Main PTO committees: Public Relations, Fundraising, Library Enhancement, Hospitality & Enrichment.  Also, one member shall be designated as Treasurer.

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